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  1. Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station
  2. Summer with Horses
  3. Wild Horse Country
  4. Riding High
  5. Horse Magic
  6. Autumn with Horses
  7. Winter with Horses
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A most moving horse and girl story set in New Zealand written by a person who has loved and taken care of horses for many years. I highly recommend this book and the others in the White Cloud Station series. I feel united with the characters in this story. As the author points out: "...our love for horses unites us--no matter what part of the world we live in." You can get much more than this book -- you can become a fan of the WHITE CLOUD STATION CLUB -- free! You become part of the family. I feel that way too. I love the HORSE TRANSLATOR section at the back, explaining the words and phrases used in the world of horses, with special ones for New Zealand "speak." Keep in mind, though, that about half of this book introduces all the other books in the series. You, like me, can be off on a most adventurous horse journey.
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